As a ten-year-old I wrote my first code in QBasic. That was my first introduction into the world of computing and the enormous (creative) potential that it offers. My passion for software development hasn’t faded ever since. Whereas I started out by copying code listings from computer magazines, I quickly discovered that it is much more fun to come up with your own idea’s and implement them. I still vividly remember the thrill of family members playing my first self-made games. The capacity of software to enrich the lives of people, both at work and at home, is still a motivating force in my daily work.

This drive to make a modest but positive change in the world has led me to study Business Informatics at university. During my years at university I remained an active coder, developing websites and applications as a part-time job. With a business partner I ventured into my first business as an entrepreneur. We developed an online webapplication that provides a smooth and integrated feedback cyclus for HR, employees and managers. In the same period I have also extensively researched the utility of software product lines and model driven development which has resulted in a published paper.

I have been working as an IT consultant at various large enterprises in the Netherlands. In this role I feel most comfortable at the intersection of IT, operations and management. With clear communication being key in my work, as well as the capacity to be able to code myself, I have been able to quickly implement solutions for business process improvements, business intelligence and software product development.

On a more creative note, I have been working on a 3D PC game for the last year: Architects of Industry. In this visual business simulation game the player is challenged to design efficient factories and logistics in order to become an industrial tycoon. As this endeavour is quite a lot of work, it is still a work in progress.

Irregularly I write posts for my blog. Mostly related to my profession and in english, but some articles are in dutch.

I live currently in Amersfoort in The Netherlands, which is about a 30 min drive from Amsterdam.

I consider myself an all-round IT consultant with effective communication skills, a hands-on mentality and a tendency to dive into (hard) problems untill they are solved. Some describing key words are: C/C++, PHP, Java, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Linux, Windows, BI, SAP, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, ASP.NET, Windows Universal Apps, MS Access, Blender, OpenGL en Scrum.

Although based in The Netherlands, I am open for interesting work opportunities worldwide. Feel free to contact me if you see possibilities for collaborations.


You can contact me via social media: LinkedIn, per mail: or by phone: +31 6 13269596.