Bas Geertsema

I made it into Mexico… and best of all, I made it also out of Mexico. There is something funny about the border between Mexico and USA. I guess it is one of the most heaviest guarded borders in the world, because of a lot of illegal hispanic immigrants trying to cross it. However if you _leave _the USA there is absolutely nothing else but a single door! No control, no searching, no check for visa, no questioning. Nothing. I have never encountered something like it.

The bordercity was Tijuana. And we went there with a group of about 15 people from the hostel. And it was big fun! Cheap beer, cheap tequila’s, mexican steaks, bull-riding and good dance music! At about 5 a.m. we decided it was time to go back home and take the first tram back to San Diego. Mexico is very different from the USA, it was nice to get a night off from the ‘western’ culture :)

After a very short night I took the bus back to L.A. where I took the plane to New York City. I have been here for almost five days now, and I must agree with everybody that I have met so far who have been in NY. It is a great city :)

But let me tell you more about that next time..

I’m looking forward to see you all again soon!

Cheers, Bas

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