Bas Geertsema

Hi there all! It’s closure time. I have been back home for a couple of weeks and I have been settling back in my dutch way of life. I moved to a new appartment in the city where I will try to get my master degree. I have been catching up with my administration (the IRS was quite upset with me) and work has been catching up with me. Yes, it is life back home as usual. But I feel really comfortable now. Although the last months of travelling has been superb, I felt it was time to direct my activities back on study and working again. Something I really enjoy and looking forward to do. Also it was great to see long-time-not-seen friends and family!

People sometimes ask me what my favorite spot was. This is a hard question to answer. The obvious response is: it depends. Every country has it’s own charmes and annoyances. However, for me personally, I felt really at ease and was amazed the most in Cambodia. There was something about the country and the way of life that was so different from back home. I met some great people, and I have really nice memories of those times. This was also the first country that I went to on my own. The longer I travelled, the more it became apparent to me that actually the country does not matter that much. If you look back it are always the places where you had a great time that will stay with you, that will occasionally pop up in your head. Remember how much fun you had playing cards, or that cool party, or that romantic encounter. These are the kind of things you will remember. Not the statue of liberty. I have spoken with so many people from so many different nationalities. These were my favorite spots. I can say I have been a little bit in a whole lot more places and cultures. I know I cannot reach them all this way, but I would like to take this opportunity here to say Hi to all these fellow travelers and native people that made this journey so amazing. You were great!

I am not sure what to do with this weblog. I want to continue it and write about non-traveling related stuff. This will probably about movies/music/computers/life and others things that interest me. Please check back once in a while! (Or use the RSS feed)

Thank you for being with me and sending me mails, posting comments, etc! I really enjoyed that!

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